Tung Yu presses

We are the representative for the manufacturer in Finland

Since 1983, Tung Yu products have been sold in over 60 countries worldwide. The company specialises in hydraulic machines such as tyre retreading machines and compression moulding machines.Tung Yu’s core expertise is also mechanical and electrical system design and construction. They also manufacture machinery for the sealant industry, sealant manufacturing and finishing. Waldec is the representative for Tung Yu’s machines in Finland. We serve operators in the industrial sector from our office in Helsinki and Nokia.

Equipment that is compliant with strict quality standards

The company has numerous product patents globally. Tung Yu has achieved the ISO 9001 international quality assurance standard and the products are compliant with the requirements of the EU’s CE safety standard and OSHA. Tight monitoring of product safety and quality ensure customer satisfaction, which serves as a frame of reference for all operations.

Waldec staff train the machine users themselves. We also offer technical support and maintenance services. Contact us and ask more!