REP rubber injection presses

A wide variety of presses, brought to you by Waldec

REP International is a French injection casting machine manufacturer that also offers solutions for the thermoplastic and polymer industry. The products include REP rubber presses, liquid silicon presses and many other presses. Numerous options are available and products can be tailored to clients’ needs. Waldec is the representative for REP presses in Finland. Our offices in Helsinki and Nokia serve our clients across the Nordic countries.

The REP product range includes

  • Rubber presses
  • Dual-component presses
  • Silicon presses
  • Other specialised presses
  • Compression presses and composite mould presses from cooperative partners
  • Machines for cleaning moulds and rubber devulcanisation, also from cooperative partners

Advanced software makes integrating automated systems and using machines easier. If you are interested in silicon presses or other presses from REP, contact us! In addition to the product range, we are also interested in cooperative partnerships with companies in the field.