ISO standard-compliant measurement devices

We are the representatives for RADE’s highly regarded products in the Nordic countries.

RADE is the first CE-approved manufacturer of Rheometer and Mooney Viscometer measurement devices in China. It has earned an excellent reputation in the rubber industry by employing innovative manufacturing procedures and by developing new technology and products to meet market demands. Here at Waldec, we supply RADE measurement devices to clients in Finland and all the Nordic countries from our offices in Helsinki and Nokia.

Measurement devices for measurement and analysis

  • Rheometers. Rheometers are used to test the vulcanisation properties of rubber blends.
  • Mooney viscometers. Mooney viscometers are used, for example, to measure the viscosity and relaxation of rubber blends and natural rubber, or the prevulcanisation properties of a rubber matrix.
  • Tensile testing machines. Tensile testing machines are used to measure the ultimate tensile strength of various materials, such as metal, plastic, rubber, textiles, paper and thread.

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