Polyurethane materials and casting machines

Manufactured by Covestro, represented in Finland by Waldec Ltd.

Covestro’s unique know-how has combined polyurethane system development and polyurethane casting machine manufacturing for over 30 years. Its products include polyurethane elastomer hot casting machines and polyurethane systems, for which we are its representatives in Finland. We serve all the Nordic countries from our offices in Helsinki and Nokia.

Polyurethane elastomer hot casting machines

Equipment for 2-6 components, production from 0.1 kg/min. to 500 kg/min. This leading technology is already being used successfully in more than 60 countries. The tailor-made equipment’s flexibility optimises the return on invested capital. The reliable operation and ease of use are rooted in practical experience of cast polyurethanes. For the manufacturing of large production batches, fully-automated production equipment with full data handling is available.

Polyurethane systems

A wide range of polyurethane systems is available: TDI, MDI, NDI and aliphatic prepolymers. Powerful polyurethane systems are optimised to be compatible with the demanding procedures in various branches of industry. It is also possible to develop processes, give practical advice and offer support at the client’s premises. Manufacturing is very flexible, according to client needs, and we can deliver worldwide.

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