Elastomer and polyurethane solutions

Waldec Ltd., an expert in the field – since 1989

Tom Waldonen founded Waldec Ltd. in 1989 and began representing the equipment and raw materials used by the Finnish polyurethane and rubber industry. Waldec offered the technology and expertise of the world’s leading rubber-injection press manufacturer, REP International. Waldec also represented one of the Europe’s most capable castable polyurethane experts, Baulé. Finnish elastomer and polyurethane solutions thus got high-level technology and material expertise.

Waldec expands

In 2007, the company passed into new ownership. After Tom Waldonen had retired, Christer Hermann Barck took over the management of the company. He immediately had Nordic expansion in his sights. In 2009, Waldec bought the Swedish sales representatives Philita AB and the company changed its name to Waldec AB, thus becoming a part of the Waldec group. In 2012, Waldec expanded its network by opening an office in Nokia. In 2013 Waldec bought Skaldomet Ltd. In this way, Waldec Ltd.’s organisational resources were combined with the expertise of the personnel and partnership network of Skaldomet. Next, Waldec expanded its business operations into the Baltic countries, buying CLE Baltic Oü in 2015. The company is a dealer in the metalwork sector, offering metalwork machinery and tools.

Quality and top-class companies are at the core of the business

Today, our company supplies materials to industry and brings European technological expertise in elastomer and polyurethane manufacturing to product development projects. We represent several companies whose raw materials, machinery and other products conform to our high-level quality criteria.  

In choosing companies, we have based our selection criteria on the dedication to service of the companies to be represented, as well as their problem-solving ability, reliability and high product quality. Some of the companies we represent are REP International, one of the world’s leading rubber injection press manufacturers and Covestro (formerly Baulé), which is the world’s most competent expert in castable polyurethanes. You can find all the companies and products we represent in the Manufacturers and Products section – have a look!

Close cooperation and trust between the companies we represent and our customers is one of the pillars of Waldec’s operations. We constantly develop our operations to create solutions to the ever more numerous demands of the future.

Could you be one of Waldec’s business partners?

From time to time, current elastomer and polyurethane solutions need fresh expertise. So, we are looking for more new products that we could represent abroad. If your company is looking for new markets, contact us! We are an agency with experience going back to 1989. Our multilingual and professional staff are at your service!