Polyurethane and rubber industry devices and raw materials

They’re supplied by Waldec Ltd. – a reliable Nordic polymer industry supplier

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We are a Finnish company specialising in raw materials and equipment used by the polyurethane and rubber industry. We supply carefully chosen products to companies in the industrial sector while at the same time bringing European technological expertise to product development projects. We draw on decades of experience, in-depth expert knowledge of the field and first-class materials and machinery. We have offices in Helsinki and Nokia, from which we serve our customers in the Nordic region.

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We offer these raw materials, equipment and services

Polyurethane raw materials:

  • TDI, MDI, NDI and aliphatic prepolymers

Process equipment:

  • polyurethane elastomer low-pressure casting machines
  • rubber injection moulding and compression machines


  • polyurethane colours and pigments

Analysis machines/laboratory equipment:

  • tensile testing machines
  • Rheometers
  • hardness meters/wear testing
  • De Mattia Flex testers
  • Mooney Viscometers

Installation and maintenance

In the Manufacturers and Products section you can read more about the manufacturers and products we represent. We have only included machinery and materials that conform to high quality standards in our selection.

We are also happy to form new business partnerships. So if your business is looking for new polyurethane or rubber industry markets, contact us!